Look, it's no big deal. I married a man who was not afraid of an argument. He was very intelligent , caring, loving and supportive.

Before I married him I wanted to have a second opinion about his non-racist stance. Two of my brothers questioned him, my sisters watched his reactions to the children and older folks. They felt that he was a good person who did not only pay lip service to "all men are created equal" but meant it.

We married and race only entered our relationship from outsiders e.g people looking at us sharing a taste of each other's food, holding hands in the pre-op room. People reminded us that we were different. sometimes at our most vulnerable. We laughed and forgot.

Within the walls of our home , we were simply two strong personalities who respected each other, valued each other and loved each other

Forget about an agenda, when two people love each other and commit to each other race has as much significance as brown eyes or being tall.


Trying hard to be a Jesus follower. I write about life, spirituality, and relationships as I age with grateful grit. More about me at www.thirdactwriting.com.

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