Thought provoking story. Needed to be written. It is becoming difficult to have a reasoned debate. Moderation seems like treachery.

These Kafka like arguments have divided us into villains or heroes.

Before you know it , people who are kind and considerate are spewing vitroil against their new enemy. Rationality disappears and the intemperance of their statements makes them feel good.

Any story that warns us of these dead-end loops in our national debate is performing a public service.

Wordless lessons matter too.

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He would have been 107 years old. It has been a decade since he died but he remains the most influential figure in my life. My Dad taught me the usual things from the unwritten Fathers’ Manual: Respect yourself, do your best in school and at work. Love God and be kind to others. Yet the lessons I learned from observing him were more impactful.

1. Respect children’s feeling

Feelings of children matter. In a community where adults expected obedience and respect, Mrs. Jenkins, a valued family friend upset my five-year-old siblings. They refused to return to her house to play with her children.

Brilliantly written. Even if it is a mistake, it has happened enough times for us to fix the problem. Calls are recalled for fewer fatal accidents involving faulty parts.

I recall being really bored by three different people asking the same questions when my husband was admitted for surgery. The third person assured me that it was intentional as it was part of patient safety.

So if all these fatalities are accidental, why are the causes not addressed? Car manufacturers and hospitals know something about damage control. Why do we get side-tracked by victim-blaming and police security?

I write this…

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Why would anyone want to write in 2021? This is a perennial question for writers.

George Orwell, author of Animal Farm was asked the same question in 1946. JP Pick and Charles Neil, editors of The Summer (1946) edition of Gangrel printed his answer for posterity.

Orwell described “four great motives for writing.” He insisted that every writer used each motive at different times in different proportions.

His four motives were:

  • Egotistical reasons
  • Aesthetic Enthusiasm
  • Historical Accuracy
  • Politics

It is interesting that he did not mention money as one of the great motivators. …

A sense of well-being is within your reach

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To a prisoner, freedom is a specific date. For a refugee, it is a change of place. An emotionally abused wife takes a deep breath on the court steps as she realizes her divorce gives freedom from her controlling husband.

I still remember the feeling of euphoria that gripped me after I had completed the last day of training required for my statutory registration. Freedom means different things to all of us.

It is a change of time, place, or state, It is a feeling or an action. …

Bebe, your honesty is really refreshing. I believe that polarizing christians by what they believe in the culture wars is a clever strategy of Satan. Just think of the benefits-These are disunity, judgement, intolerance, hyprocricy, and pride. Churches prefer to be in the right neighborhood, serving the right people than really following the injunction to go out in the highways and byways.

The 21st Century Church has to decide what is its focus-a country club that says prayers or praying followers who live in community uplifting Jesus.

It upsets me when we claim persecution over trivialities when christians in other…

Please forgive me. I've often said that we should have a class-action suit against the Education Dept because it has failed to teach us to critically analyze problems or even to recognize them.

Now, I know that the teachers are not really in control of the teaching. It must be so frustrating!

I'm indebted to my teachers and had some great ones. Even the one who gave me a phobia turned out to be a pretty decent guy. We made up as adults over a cup of tea- but that's another story. …

"there’s always the fear of falling, but more than that, there is the possibility of flying." Wise words, Elizabeth.. We only have one life. We can't ride a carousel and call it a life. Believe an old lady-you can fall anywhere. Might as well fall climbing a mountain or jumping across a stream

Enjoy your new experiences.

A poignant story. It reminded me of the trust I shared with my late husband. When you discussed your feelings, I" felt you " because we talked about the issues. He always supported me. Sometimes, I thought he was too harsh in his opinions and he accused me of making excuses for racism. Ironic eh?

We had some hysterical times as I sought to socialize him (a white guy) on how to keep his cool during my racial encounters. Eventually, he learned to trust my experience of dealing with incidents as I was the "expert". He could not challenge every innuendo or disparaging look. Our home was our sacred space.

Your boyfriend's mother inspires me. She and my husband would have been great allies. She does not look her age. You deserve each other. I'm really happy for you three, being together on a historic march.

A heart-warming post! Has it occurred to you that you are a missionary to your own kind? Your candour about your own personal life and your identification of the issues from inside the Church is truly laudable.

Like you, I feel that the Church should be at the forefront of issues like police reform and social justice. "Blessed are the peacemakers," said Jesus

You elegantly described their enthusiastic criticism of critical race theory and loud silence about racial justice. The sad truth is our Christian leaders do not seem able to articulate how we create a just society.

The Pharisees…

Verbieann Hardy

Trying hard to be a Jesus follower. I write about life, spirituality, and relationships as I age with grateful grit. More about me at

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